Love Barùkas nuts?  So Does Your Body!

You already love Barùkas nuts for their delicious taste and perfect crunch. You’re about to love them a little more when you discover their health perks. (Plus, they’re good for the planet--Barùkas grow wild in a region of South America, without pesticides, fertilizers or need for irrigation.)


Check out just a few (of the many) reasons Barùkas are the healthiest nut on the planet:


  • They’re an antioxidant gold mine. Antioxidants protect us from heart disease, cancer, dementia and other diseases by zapping destructive molecules in our bodies. Many nuts are antioxidant-rich, but Barùkas nuts boast the highest “ORAC” score, a measure of antioxidant activity. That’s thanks to antioxidants like vitamin E and polyphenols, including some of the same polyphenols that give green tea its superfood status.


  • They’re good for the waistline. A recent study found that eating just ¾ ounce of Barùkas daily can shrink your waistline (more on this study in a future blog). This is on the heels of numerous other studies showing that people who eat nuts regularly are thinner than folks who don’t. One reason: Compared to other foods, nuts are exceptionally For example, that means that 100 calories of Barùkas will keep you feeling full longer than, say, 100 calories of popcorn, fruit, olive oil or most other foods. Why are nuts so satiating? Fiber and protein—Barùkas nuts are stellar sources of both.


  • They’re fiber champs. Americans get only about half the dietary fiber they need. That’s a shame, because fiber-rich diets help keep you trim, keep you regular, improve blood sugar levels, and reduce your likelihood of developing cancer, heart disease and other conditions. Barùkas beats out all other nut in the fiber department—by a long shot! Just a handful (about an ounce) covers 30 percent of a woman’s daily fiber needs, and 21 percent of a man’s.


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Janis Jibrin is a registered dietitian, writer, adjunct professor of nutrition at American University and huge fan of Barùkas nuts!

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