Barukas Certificates

The HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, which is an internationally recognized certification awarded to organizations that process and manufacture food with the best efforts at food safety.

When you encounter a business with the HACCP certification, it is proof of the same commitment to preparing, transferring, and storing the food safely and healthily.

The certification is only given once the business has developed and implemented a system that can identify and conduct the best response to any type of potential hazard in the food chain. Such is accomplished by providing a complete set of documents regarding such protocols.

HACCP certification is only granted once the safety hazard plan has been proven to be based on a scientific approach and that it can properly identify any food hazard during the whole production chain from harvest to end product. This is conducted by a third party accredited audit company, in our case it is Intertek.

A company who earned this certification has proven to be globally competitive when it comes to food safety. This gives the customers reassurance that the management system follows the best standards.

This safety plan provides what updated food laws and regulations require, such as FSMA regulations by the FDA.

Some areas that are analyzed include Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation standards, Pest control, Bioterrorism compliance, Food defense and Personal hygiene.

SSMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is one of the most used worldwide social audit procedures. What it does is provide a globally recognized system to inquire about responsible supply chain activities. This includes labor rights, health & safety, the environment, and even business ethics.

It was created with the goal of making it easier to share ethical audit reports regarding ethical trade auditing, benefiting retailers, consumer brands, and their suppliers.

The benefits of this certification include:

  • Easy access to information or data in one secure place.
  • Develops ethical business practices.
  • Maintain and manage business data or information properly.
  • Improves the business efficiency of the organization.
  • Reduce workload and generate greater employee involvement.

Barukas spend on workers’ welfare. SMETA certification focuses on workers’ health and safety in the workplace. This implies ergonomic tools (including chairs and desks), and safety materials such as glasses, earphones, and back support braces.

Barukas pays for a full medical test for all of our registered workers 1 time per year.

Barukas provides uniforms from head to foot, focusing on quality and comfort for workers.

Barukas spends heavily on food-grade industrial cleaning materials and chemicals to ensure a clean and safe environment for workers and the product that leaves our facility.

Barukas adhered to strict Brazilian worker laws, ensuring all of our workers are paid a fair salary adjusted yearly on a timely manner, with their due vacations and 13th salary.

Barukas follow a strict ethical and moral policy, whereby all employees are treated humanely and fairly regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, sex, physical differentiation.

The Eaternity certification is a Swiss science based scoring system that works with a 3-star rating system, with 3 stars being very good, 2 stars being good, and 1 star being critical. The rating includes Climate Score, Water Footprint, Rainforest Score, and Animal Welfare Score.

The certification gives consumers a sustainable choice when selecting what product to buy. Currently, it is the largest and most comprehensive database used to carry out environmental calculations for food products.

It calculates the climate impact by using a Scope3 Life-cycle assessment, which includes rainforest deforestation, methane emissions, production, processing, packaging transport, and preservation.

Using Eternity’s eco-label, food companies can profile the environmental footprint of their product’s packaging.