Barùkas' Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

Celebrating Our Success at the Recent Planting Effort Event by Cerrado de Pé

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Barùkas, we take our commitment to sustainability and the environment seriously. That's why we were thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in the recent Planting Effort event by Cerrado de Pé to celebrate 62 years of Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park.

Supporting Sustainable Practices in Our Community

As a local company, we recognize the importance of supporting and promoting sustainable practices in our community. Our attendance at the event was not just a chance to give back, but also a chance to connect with a diverse group of individuals who share our passion for the Cerrado biome.

Connecting with Like-Minded Individuals

From hoteliers and fire brigades to volunteers and representatives from local entities, the event was a melting pot of like-minded individuals all dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and the people who call it home.

Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

Our team spent the day working alongside other volunteers in the field, clearing invasive plants and planting native seeds and seedlings. It was a challenging but rewarding experience, and we were thrilled to see the positive impact that we were able to make. In fact, we were able to plant more than 500 seedlings and 308.647 pounds of seeds, restoring an area of 30 thousand square feet! This is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team, as well as our commitment to sustainable practices.

Delicious and Nutritious Nuts

Of course, no Barùkas event would be complete without our delicious and nutritious nuts! Barùkas provided samples for all attendees during the day and were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received. We believe that our commitment to using sustainable farming practices and working with family extractivists is what sets us apart and we are delighted to have received such positive feedback.

Interviews and Discussions at the Event

In addition to sharing our nuts, we also had the opportunity to conduct several interviews with notable figures from the event. We discussed the importance of the maintenance of native biomes and the collective spirit among people and enterprises to protect nature.

Thank You for Your Support

Overall, we were thrilled to have been a part of this initiative and to continue our work towards preserving and restoring the Cerrado biome. Every action we take, no matter how small, can make a difference, and we are committed to doing our part to create a more sustainable future. We couldn't have done it without the support of our community and our customers. Thank you for believing in our mission and for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. We look forward to continuing to make a positive impact on the world around us.